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At Reside GA we encourage and promote advocacy for those experiencing homelessness by working in collaboration with a community's residents, organizations, businesses and local city governments and officials to facilitate a coordinated effort by all parties to end homelessness in metropolitan Atlanta. Through our advocacy we seek to Engage, Converse and Organize.

Elected officials have an obligation to listen to and engage with their constituents. This includes meeting with and listening to their concerns. State legislators and local officials know what funds have been allocated to counties and cities for such purposes as dealing with homelessness. Our advocacy would entail staying in contact with local, city, county and state officials to inform them of our efforts of getting those funds to those communities that need it the most.


It is our objective to build trust through outreach, to gather information about the lives of those experiencing homelessness to better understand their most pressing needs beyond homelessness and to keep them informed of the issues the community has with their presence. Most importantly we need to involve them in any plans of action the community takes to assist them.


Our goal is to end homelessness in metropolitan Atlanta by partnering with all groups affected by homelessness. We focus on advocacy and outreach, align with agency partners, and meet with residents and neighborhood associations, community businesses and civic organizations to address issues in which they are most concerned. By identifying issues and through action planning, we can develop a comprehensive plan to eliminate homelessness in metro Atlanta.